Súl ad Astral (selftitled)

by Súl ad Astral



Súl ad Astral is a black metal / post rock project of Stephen of New Zealand. Blending the sound and emotional feeling of black metal and the song progressions, climaxes and melodic aspects of post rock together to form a deeply honest and introspect-driven collection of songs for the "Súl ad Astral" self-titled album. The tasteful lyrics and vocal ability of Michael Rumple (of Desiderium fame) grace a number of songs. All the songs ideas and lyrics are drawn from personal experiences or feelings experienced and arranged as a musical journey.

All material written by Stephen Fortune of Súl ad Astral 2012 © (unless stated otherwise).

Released by Pest Productions.


released May 20, 2012

A huge thanks to Michael Rumple of Desiderium, for contributing vocals and lyrics on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 (all the tracks haha). I am extremely happy to have worked with a very talented young singer, and hope to collaborate on more material in the future. Another huge thanks to James Parsons for allowing me to use his Axe FX 2 to record guitars and bass - I will be collaborating with James on some different material in the future (hopefully haha). And another huge thanks to Andrew Collett for supporting me in this idea since the beginning of this project. His new project is turning out amazing and I can't wait for everyone to hear his writing. Thanks to Alex Pryle for the creation of the artwork. Thank you to my family for being who they are - caring and supporting me. Thank you to my friends all around the globe. I hope you all enjoy this that I made for you all.



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Track Name: Amaurosis
The bridge on which I'm walking is burning oh so quickly
But you only live once, so it's said
So I choose to chance what matters most?
I must be a romantic...

But wait, who exactly are you?
Are you in my mind?
Can you hear my thoughts as if spoken?
Can you see my dreams as I do?

Perhaps only half of my perceptions are real...
All of the hypnotic inner beauty was false
That which I read so clearly was but hopeful delusion
That which disguises the ugly parts of the soul

When the rain was dripping down the roof tops and I felt us become one
I was simply melting away as you turned to stone
Track Name: In Solitude
You don't deserve kindness?
I don't deserve your selfish self-pity
Go on, keep drowning in your obsessions
And hiding in your sorrows...

I see your aim now
Clear as the sun on a gloomy morning
To run my mouth til my lungs give out
Extinguish a once raging fire within
My hands are cold and tired...
...From calculating emotion and crafting prose
But less so than my heart

May I not remain in this form
Dozing comfortably on a hopeless daydream

Swimming in an even deeper blue
Another step closer to our ending
Track Name: The Clenching Void
Once captured, the essence of meaning,
The sudden awakening and subconcious death
Of the spirit and concept shall redefine
The time before and the seconds left

Cracks in the mind expand as years and tears go by...
Trapped in the clenching void
Yet if swimming in a sea of memories,
Why dive in the mud when you can float with stars?
Track Name: The XIXth Wave
Finally, after seventy-six seasons past
I'm learning to guard my heart
As the world walks away from me
One by one, destroying the faith

But when no one walks with me
Will I no longer be tied in knots?
Or a shell of former self
With a new begining ahead...

Might the mystery of the land before me
Bring a new shade to the life behind me?
Might the light of the sun above me
Bring color to the life around me?

Finally, after seventy-six seasons past
I'm learning to guard my heart
As the world walks away from me
One by one, destroying dependency
Track Name: Persona I; Lunar
Sitting lonesome, you act so content
The walls between us, your only friend

But walls are meant to keep out...

What is it you're hiding from?
A kindness? A caring?
Within the drywall grove you send vague lamentations
For the past is gone, and the future a grim declaration

But walls also keep in...

What is it you're hiding?
That you don't care at all? Or too much to say?
But I'll say to you, my only friend
You are weak, but you are fine as you are

Sitting lonesome, you act so content
The walls between us, your only friend
But you're happier this way, yeah?
Track Name: Persona II; Solar
Gaping open, scent of saccharine
You can't be wrong when you're not tongue tied
Your tongue tied up against some nameless face
Physicality is not the important factor
Titles will not be forced
It's the trust which is held dearest
And the bonding of souls in another realm

Oh, it's the time between that tests the most
In the enduring hour, the year will overcome